Earffchild designs and creates custom toys to suit any quirk or personality. You name it, I can make it. The only limitation; your own imagination.

Earffchild is about anything and everything that makes you feel like a kid again.  It brings you back to earth, in the strangest of ways. Back to the basics. Back to the simple joys in life.

The toys.

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Custom orders.

All Earffchild’s toys are uniquely designed & hand-crafted. No two people are the same, right? Therefore, NO two toys are ever exactly the same.

Custom orders are available on request, and always encouraged. Any word, idea or sketch is welcome. A pricelist is available on request, however custom orders are individually quoted.

Please note
Felt colours, buttons and other fabrics are subject to availability. However, I will make every effort to find a suitable and delightful replacement.


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